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There is no denying that this year’s holiday celebrations will indeed be different. Whether you are gathering as a smaller group, unable to travel to see loved ones, or just feeling the lingering COVID cloud hanging above you like mistletoe, there are going to be ways its not the same as year’s past. But the holidays live inside of all of us, and WE are the magic. We MAKE the magic. The joy of the holiday season does not go away that easily folks. And we’re here to help give you some tips and ideas on how to keep the holidays festive and happy.

1) Unplug. SO hard to do right? Yes, but if you do it you will NOT believe how much better you can feel. Even just for 24 hours. Social media is full of whats happening to everyone else AROUND us, that we actually miss out on what is right in FRONT of us.

2) Talk about family culture and history. Reminisce. Bring up funny stories of the past. Discussing your family values and heritage is a wonderful way to feel close to one another, even if it’s over Zoom or Facetime. Break out the old photos and show youngest family members a piece of history they never knew or saw. (Just go thru those photos prior in case there’s anything they SHOULDN’T see!)

3) Be Present. The best gift you can give yourself and others is BEING PRESENT. Try practicing mindfulness during cooking, eating, wrapping and decorating. Focus on each individual moment. Visit our Instagram page and look for the 12 Days of Presence to find out how you can achieve mindful moments throughout the hectic days of the holiday.

4) Practice Gratitude. Share your gratitude with others. Research has shown that expressing gratitude strengthens relationships. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing down and recording your gifts and blessings on a daily basis is a great way to remind yourself and take notice of things you are thankful for.

5) Find Ways to Laugh and Play Together. Laughter really is the best medicine and laughing together with family can have lasting effects beyond just the holiday. Keep things light and choose humor over anger. Pick three games to play with the family. Some top favorites include PIT, 5 Second Rule, Pictionary, Jenga, Exploding Kittens.

The holidays, regardless of a pandemic, can be an amazing time of year, a difficult time of year and anywhere in between depending on personal circumstances. Put on the holiday music, put down the phones, stop and smile and create your own holiday magic. We’d love to hear from you. Look out for our social media post and tell us how you made holiday magic this year!

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