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We are Long Island Teletherapy and we believe in providing accessible, affordable and quality online counseling services to Long Islanders of all ages. All of our services are offered through a user friendly, HIPAA compliant online platform. Through teletherapy, we are able to work with children, adolescents and adults in the comfort and safety of their own home or office.  

The benefits of traditional “in person” counseling are significant, but can be limiting due to location and cost. Not everyone has the time to add traveling to therapy appointments into their already hectic schedules. And affordable therapists can be hard to find on Long Island. Our goal is to remove these obstacles which may be preventing someone from seeking help.  At Long Island Teletherapy, we will match you with a licensed, qualified therapist who will provide you with affordable therapy from your own home or office.  We use an online platform to provide an empathetic, supportive and therapeutic environment to help you achieve your therapy goals.

Our team of professionals live and work on Long Island and are specialized in treating various issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life changes and addiction.  We aim to destigmatize and redefine mental wellness and we believe your peace of mind is worth it.



The famous Montauk Lighthouse has stood as a symbol of hope, safety and guidance for over two centuries. This shining local icon has comforted and guided countless individuals to safe harbors. This beacon of light and hope symbolizes our mission to help those in our Long Island community find peace and comfort in these stressful times. Our goal at Long Island Teletherapy is to provide affordable, accessible and professional online counseling to the Long Island community from the privacy and safety of their own homes or offices. Our licensed therapists are trained to empower individuals and families of all ages and needs. They are dedicated to supporting their clients who are struggling with finding their own “safe passage” through calm and stormy seas.

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