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  • What is Teletherapy?
    Teletherapy is defined as providing mental health counseling services through a live video or phone connection over the internet. Teletherapy is similar to in-person psychotherapy except that instead of seeing a therapist in an office, you are connecting over video while in your own home or office. Connection can be done through a computer or a smartphone!
  • Who is Teletherapy for?
    Teletherapy is for anyone who would like to attend psychotherapy but finds it difficult to get to a physical office for a variety of reasons. Many times the therapist is located too far from the client, other times there are child care issues that keep an individual from attending in-person therapy. Bad weather, schedules and commuting issues all can make getting in-person therapy difficult. Teletherapy is the perfect solution.
  • Why Teletherapy?
    Teletherapy is safe & private. Teletherapy is a modern, safe, and private way to conduct counseling sessions. You can do it in your pajamas, with your cozy blanket and a cup of coffee or tea. From the safety and security of your own space, technology now allows us to connect with a therapist without concern of having to explain ourselves if we see someone unexpected. Being in your own personal setting, instead of an office, may help you open up and feel less anxious in your session. Teletherapy is easy to access. Teletherapy makes things easier, especially for people with very busy schedules, single parents without childcare and those who are disabled. With today’s hectic schedules and childcare issues, many people feel they don’t have the time to fit therapy in or don’t have anyone to watch their children while they get the support they need. With teletherapy, clients can have sessions when their children are down for naps or after their children have gone to bed. People who are bedridden or have chronic illness are also perfect candidates for Teletherapy. Teletherapy provides flexibility. Many clients prefer to come in and meet with their therapist face to face, but at times are unable to get to a physical office. As opposed to skipping sessions and losing the momentum of treatment, teletherapy can be a great option to continue the work in therapy while you are out of town, stuck at home, in difficult weather conditions or even in times of family crisis. Teletherapy can save time. Many times, when you “click” with the right therapist it is a great feeling. Unfortunately, sometimes that therapist you are “clicking” with is several towns away. Here on Long Island that can be quite the commute, depending on the time of day. If you have the time to commit to therapy, but not time for the 35 minute drive before and after, teletherapy could be the perfect solution. Teletherapy can improve access to treatment. For many, finding the same time each week while managing a business or family can be an overwhelming task. As opposed to taking off from work and driving to your therapist’s office in the middle of the day, you can set up a teletherapy appointment on your lunch hour or break. This can reduce your stress and give you the support you need while providing you with more time to take care of your responsibilities.
  • Are your therapists licensed?
    YES! All of our therapists are licensed in the state of NY and have been carefully selected to serve you. Our therapists have additional training in specific approaches to therapy which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness and more.
  • Are your therapists mandated reporters?
    Yes. As NY licensed therapists, we are considered mandated reporters in the event of suspicion of child abuse or neglect.
  • Can I use this service anonymously?
    No. In order to provide you the best therapeutic experience that is both professional and appropriate, we cannot provide services to someone who is anonymous. All our information is kept strictly confidential and we follow a strict code of ethics as per our professional standards and licencing requirements.
  • How is this different from other services, like BetterHelp and Talkspace?"
    Our services will be individualized to your specific needs. We stand apart from the other service providers because our therapists are Long Islanders, like you, and understand the culture and pressures of living and working on Long Island. With other service providers, you can be matched with therapists from out of state or even out of the country. Our therapists are relatable and authentic and our goal is to support you in your growth and wellness in a non-judgemental, empathetic, safe, therapeutic relationship. We also have physical office space available through Gooding Wellness Group in Cold Spring Harbor.
  • Do I get to choose my therapist?
    After your initial assessment, our staff and yourself will discuss the best therapist for you. If you have a particular therapist in mind, we will do our best to arrange that based on availability and your needs.
  • What if the therapist I am matched with isn't working out for me?
    Finding the right therapist is a vital part of the therapy. If the initial therapist you chose isn’t right for you, we will be happy to find you a better connection. If for any reason you feel you will need an “in-person” therapist instead of teletherapy, we will be happy to connect you to some of our therapists that can see you in our offices in Cold Spring Harbor.
  • How does it work?
    After making an initial assessment appointment with our clinical coordinator, we will connect you with the therapist of your choice or the therapist we feel would be most appropriate based on your needs. All appointments can be made through our secure website and we have availability throughout the week and weekends. Once your appointment is scheduled and paperwork completed, you will be emailed a link to meet with your therapist at the time you chose.
  • What equipment do I need?
    If you have a computer with a forward facing camera or a smartphone with a forward facing camera, you have all you need. If you don’t have a camera or phone with a forward facing camera we can meet with you over the phone.
  • Is Teletherapy safe?
    VERY! Our platform provide a safe, secure and HIPPA compliant setting for you to meet with your therapist
  • Will my insurance cover this?
    We are considered an out of network provider. This means we do not accept payment directly from your insurance company. Instead, you will be responsible for all payments.
  • What do you mean by being an Out of network provider?
    As an out of network provider, we receive payments from our clients directly. If you have out of network coverage on your insurance plan and will be submitting claims for reimbursement, we will provide you a detailed “super bill” monthly which provides all of the information your insurance company will need for processing your claim. PLEASE NOTE: reimbursement rates vary between insurance companies and individual plans and are often subject to deductibles. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS BASED ON YOUR THERAPIST'S CREDENTIALS PRIOR TO AN APPOINTMENT IF YOU WILL BE SEEKING REIMBURSEMENT.
  • How do I prepare to meet with my therapist in my home?
    There are simple steps to ensure you are prepared for your teletherapy appointment. 1. Think of a location in your home in which you can have privacy with minimal distractions. 2. Take a couple of minutes prior to your appointment to familiarize yourself with the online platform. 3. Double-check your internet connection. Have your device charged or a charger close by. Consider using headphones for optimal audio and privacy. 4. Set up your screen to ensure your face can be fully seen in the frame. 5. If tech problems arise, keep calm and contact your therapist through email or text. 6. Get comfortable, perhaps a warm cup of tea or coffee. 7. Be open to connect with your therapist. Look into their eyes not the camera. With these few simple steps teletherapy will flow as easy as in-person sessions.
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    The full session fee is charged if a minimum of 24 hour notice is not provided.
  • Is this service HIPAA compliant?
    Yes, our video platform is completely HIPPA compliant
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