Michelle Pennella, LMSW

Finding the right therapist can be very overwhelming, especially when you may already be under stress. Michelle is here to make that process feel less daunting and more comforting. Michelle has experience working with clients who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, self-esteem and addiction recovery. She employs an integrated theoretical approach that uses different evidence based interventions such as motivational interviewing, CBT and strength based approach to meet the clients needs. Understanding that each client is a strong individual that needs a unique support on their journey to wellness is an upmost priority for Michelle.   


Michelle will provide assistance in helping you identify and verbalize feelings and thought patterns in order to overcome personal and professional obstacles that prevent you from your personal fulfillment.  Michelle is an amazing communicator and can support you on this journey without judgment or criticism.


Michelle’s approach to therapy can provide the tools to overcome what you are dealing with, find the best ways to cope and manage daily anxiety and stress.  She will help you navigate life’s challenges and prosper happiness and growth.  Her goal is not just to get you “through it”, but to help you thrive as a result of the process.

Specialty Areas
  • Works with Tweens, teens and adults

  • Works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and mood disorders

  • Works with individuals and families struggling with addiction

  • Works with family discord issues including codependency and divorce

  • Practices individual therapy as well as family treatment