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Gordon Gooding, LCSW-R

Long Island Teletherapy was founded by Gordon Gooding, LCSW after seeing an increased need for accessible, affordable and quality counseling services here on Long island.  Gordon is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has been practicing his profession lovingly for over 20 years. Gordon is also the founder of a successful “in person” group private practice, Gooding Wellness Group, in Cold Spring Harbor NY.

During these times of uncertainty maintaining emotional and physical wellness is of the utmost priority.  While the benefits of “in person” counseling are immeasurable, not everyone has the time and access to work weekly or biweekly appointments into their hectic schedules.  Additionally, access to affordable quality therapists in many areas of Long Island are difficult to find.  Long Island Teletherapy’s goal to remove some of the obstacles and barriers that prevent someone from speaking with a therapist.  We match qualified licensed therapists with families and individuals in need.  Providing families and individuals therapy from their own homes or offices can save clients time and money in these already stressful times.  The world has become accustomed to the incorporation of technology in their lives. Long Island Teletherapy builds upon that and utilizes the connectedness of an online platform to provide an empathetic, supportive, professional therapeutic environment. Our team of professionals live and work on Long Island and are specialized in treating various issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life changes and addiction. 

“Making that first step toward seeking support for yourself is no easy task.  Through our secure online platform we hope to remove some of these obstacles that may have prevented you from gaining support in the past.  While we all have moments in life where we struggle or hurt, we do not need to walk through these moments alone. 

Asking for help, and being vulnerable, is scary and uncertain but that is where all the growth and change takes place”

-- Gordon Gooding

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