Michelle Lavoie, LCSW-R

Michelle is a licensed clinical social worker who has been providing counseling services for adults, children and families throughout the Long Island community for over 13 years.  Michelle believes strongly in the power of talking and expression; mentioning the unmentionable which can allow for feelings that may have felt overwhelming to become less so. Michelle has spent a significant portion of her career working with parents and caregivers to provide support and guidance around concerns and challenges with their children while using a developmental, social, emotional and trauma informed lens. Parenting is a difficult task, unique to each family.  Times of increased uncertainty may bring on anxiety, higher stress levels, more challenges and more questions.  Supporting and guiding parents and caregivers so they can provide the support their children and families need has been a passion of Michelle’s throughout her career. Michelle has a background in trauma focused therapy and is a rostered Child-Parent Psychotherapy clinician, which is an evidence based intervention to address the social-emotional needs of young children within the context of their primary care-giving relationship. Throughout her clinical experience Michelle has worked with adults and children struggling with anxiety, depression and a range of social-emotional challenges. Michelle utilizes an empathic, strengths based approach in all of her work to connect with each client and provide a supportive environment to do the brave and important work that brought each individual to reach out for support.

Specialty Areas
  • Works providing parenting support and guidance

  • Works in Early/Young Childhood mental health

  • Practices Child-Parent Psychotherapy (dyadic treatment with 0-6 year olds and their parent/caregiver)

  • Works with adults and children struggling with anxiety and depression

  • Practices individual therapy as well as family treatment