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Margaret Lorenz, CPC, LCSW

Margaret has been working with individuals and couples for over 20 years.  Margaret is a Certified Professional Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She enjoys working collaboratively with her clients and employs a variety of approaches tailored to their individual, specific goals. Margaret's beginning focus is to establish a safe, comfortable, and secure environment with her clients, so that they feel free to share.  Margarets humor and mannerisms makes her clients extremely comfortable in counseling sessions.

Margaret is dedicated to finding what strategies and interventions work best for each individual.  In building a strong therapeutic alliance, Margaret supports the people she works with in uncovering tools that will assist them in living fully actualized lives. She encourages you to acknowledge your existing strengths to find strategies to move towards change.  Her approach combines a variety of techniques and modalities aimed at empowering her clients to be the best version of themselves. Together you can chart a new course.

Specialty Areas
  • Works with young adults and adults

  • Works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and mood disorders

  • Works with family discord issues including codependency and divorce

  • Works with singles in Divorce Recovery and adults midlife dating

  • Practices individual therapy as well as family treatment

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