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Amy Slif, LCSW

When choosing a mental health professional, making the right connection is key to your process and progress. Amy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working with adolescents, their families, and adults. She recognizes the importance of supporting teens as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. The demands of young adulthood can be even more stressful. She will help you to explore ways to address some of the burdens that have been encountered and find the energy within. Support is obtained through a deep therapeutic connection which explores gifts and talents that might have not yet been discovered.


Amy is experienced in various therapeutic techniques and philosophies. She will assess your needs and will work with you by using what is most effective. Some methods include insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused brief therapy, and life coaching techniques.

Specialty Areas
  • Works with mood disorders, anxiety, gender/sexuality dysphoria, relapse prevention

  • Provides support and guidance to parents dealing with family stressors

  • Exploration of life paths, transitions, and goals with young adults (20-30 years old)

  • Support as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community dealing with related psychological/social stressors

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